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 art nature tranquility 

Linens, prints and cards from original watercolours

Fabrics by the metre Purple2.tif

inspired by nature, light and the elements

Fresh air and the outdoors is something I've always loved and found inspiring – the big expanses of land, sea, sky –but also the tiny intricate details in nature. Recently it's some of those small things I've been concentrating on, the things that are all so vital to our beautiful world. 

After a degree in fine art my career has included medical illustration, graphic design and painting. I now work from home and use pencil, watercolour and delicate washes to capture the intricacies and beauty of birds, insects, plants, landscapes and the architecture around me in Bath.

The original paintings are then used as a basis for printed and handcrafted products that people can have in their homes such as cushions, lampshades, wall-hangings, table linen, tea towels and framed miniature prints.

I hope you like my work – there's a gallery below of some of my paintings.



Wildlife and nature


Small Skipper Moth resting on a table runner displayed in the Country Living Pavilion, RHS Hampton Court, July 2023


Summer Market at Neptune, Bath, September 2023

Bath and beyond

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